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futureHistory.com located near Windham,Connecticut,06226 provides Architecture & Real Estate,Commercial,Fine Art,Portraits,Wedding photography services.

What I bring to the table

Since starting my photography business in 1984, and purchasing my first computer in 1985, I have had a front row seat in the digital revolution. Digital technology, however, hasn't changed the importance of personal relationships - short or long term. Working with clients gives me the opportunity to make the merely conceptual, actual. It's a unique and special relationship - another reason I adore photography.

futureHistory.com - an integration of future and history - tradition and technology. In a fast paced world, where people are constantly bombarded with images, artwork born from creative cooperation results in honest, timeless imagery that connects people to what they resonate with on the deepest levels.

My uncle, who photographed for clients like Winchester Rifles and Seventeen magazine, inspired me to become a photographer. Photography seemed to be – and is - a wonderfully creative way to make a living. 


The long and rich tradition of portraits leads deep into the history of art. Kings & queens, bankers and businessmen all sat to have their likeness preserved for posterity. A professional portrait is a declaration of independence, an affirmation of our public selves, while showing the world a glimpse into our essential selves.

I fell in love with photography for a number of reasons, but the biggest may be my love of portrait photography. In a trusting environment we can let our best selves shine forth, and warmly encounter the selves of our dreams.
A truly great portrait is a mysterious alchemy, an agreement of trust between artist and sitter.


Digital cameras offer advantages over film cameras, faster ASA speeds, auto focus, superfast motor drives, etc. But the great tradition of black and white wedding photography has been nearly forgotten.

Working exclusively with film for over 20 years taught me how to make every picture count. Working with digital cameras and printing technologies since 2001 allows me to recreate film’s unique look and feel from a digital file.

In addition, shooting with fast, single focal length lenses - not large, slower, more cumbersome zooms - allows photography without a flash, which is far less intrusive to the wedding.

Instead, the photographer becomes a quiet observer, recording the story behind the story and allowing my entire focus to be on creating timeless and unique wedding images. 

This approach combines the best of the beautiful vintage look of black and white film, using the latest modern technology.

A frequent comment is, "How'd you get that picture? I didn't even know you were there at the time."

Your wedding is yours, not the photographer’s.

Unique, classic, timeless images - unobtrusively captured.


Artist Statement

I know of no better way to understand ourselves and the world than art. Art doesn't attack people, or label them, or threaten them. It seeks, instead, to connect us with the very ground of our being, seeking the infinite in the everyday. Life is all art, and when we forget this, disconnection and unhappiness follows.

The Fine Art Printing Process

Both by nature and by training a traditional photographer, while I have embraced photography’s move to the digital realm, all the images you see are as seen and felt. Unmanipulated except for traditional darkroom style techniques to adjust tonality, color and exposure, almost all are also uncropped, full frame images.
They are printed with pigment inks onto premium watercolor paper. Print life expectancy is 110 years for prints framed under glass.

Capturing the image occurs in an instant, prints do not come so quickly. They are where I spend the bulk of the time in the photographic process. When I first saw a print appear from the darkness under the red safelights of a darkroom, I knew it was a form of magic.

Though I may sometimes miss the soft glow of the safelights and gentle flow of water as it washes over prints - the unique capabilities digital printing offers makes up for it.

Printing is different now, a light room rather than a darkroom, but the requirements are the same. You have to be present with the image - to let it speak to you and to be willing to spend whatever time is required, to go through perhaps dozens of variations (which may become artist proofs) before a final version speaks to me. I like to say it has to sing. This creates a master image file from which the final prints are made.
It's still a form of magic - I'm still excited as the prints appear from the printer. High end printing monitors, densitometers and printer profiles all help, but in the end the final print is a result of everything possible I can bring to it.

Studio portraits - $75 / Location Portraits start at $150 / Fine Art Artist Proofs start at $50 / Weddings start at $600

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