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Jean Phillips

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jean Phillips located near Las Vegas,Nevada provides Events,Family, Lifestyle,Portraits,Wedding photography services.



Greetings! I am Jean Phillips, professional wedding photographer specializing in bridal portraits and nuptial photography in Las Vegas, NV. I have the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful weddings in the world and translating those details into memories that my clients cherish forever.

Simplicity and love. Those two concepts are colored in different ways depending on the individual. It is my job to bring your beautiful, unique accents to the forefront upon the backdrop of simplicity and love. My process begins with getting to know you and what makes your love unique. Once I understand the colors of love that are truly driving the emotion of the day, the camera becomes an extension of a feeling. This is where I believe beautiful pictures come from.

I take it as a great honor to make the smiles, looks and touches of your Las Vegas wedding day forever remembered.

“Where there is love there is life.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Every thing we do is custom-tailored to fit your individual photography needs. Hourly rates let you customize what works for you. The base fee of $200 is included as your first hour of photography, every hour after that is $125. You will receive fully edited images sent to you on a USB drive, online viewing and purchasing option, and a copyright release.

Events, Family, Lifestyle, Portraits, Wedding

Glamour , Romantic, Traditional



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Las Vegas, NV, United States