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Kinka T Celltography

Sarasota, Florida

Flowers, Birds Of Paradise, Selby Gardens, Sarasota Florida Kinka T Celltography/Animals & Pets,Architecture & Real Estate,Family, Lifestyle,Fine Art,Food & Decor/Sarasota,FL Kinka T Celltography/Animals & Pets,Architecture & Real Estate,Family, Lifestyle,Fine Art,Food & Decor/Sarasota,FL


Kinka T Celltography located near Sarasota,Florida provides Animals & Pets,Architecture & Real Estate,Family, Lifestyle,Fine Art,Food & Decor photography services.

Welcome to my eyes, my soul, my art, my heart... the world around me. Where I go, we go together... on the journey of life. I would like to share with you, encourage you, dream and travel with you. The technique being used is a new, a modern medium and form of photography called, Celltography.

Celltography is similar to Photography by taking pictures, however, with "true Celltography", the artist takes the picture, creates, makes edits & changes, designs all images through a cell phone and final completion... a beautiful Digital Composition to enjoy.

This is very detailed work, from start to finish. Unlike traditional to modern photography, larger screens to proof a picture or edit are not used in the process typically, however, often in the proofing stages of design, sometimes larger screens like a pad/tablet or a pc/notebook are used, depending on how "true to definition or form" can be. It's too new of an art medium to fully have defined terms.

The cell is where the magic of photography meets the technology in the palm of your hand and the magic happens from start to finish with a completed photo image and/or a wonderful digital composition. All pictures are taken with a cell phone, photos alterations & digital compositions are created using a cell phone from my minds eye and imagination to share with you.

I love photos, moments shared, memories to be captured, but lacked the interest of carrying around a camera, or lights, lenses, etc... basically things I would be certain to lose or break, and disposable cameras would certainly fall into the "lost items" as well. Through time as cell technology expanded, I found myself with my cell all the time and moments where I wanted to capture a piece of life. What better way then with my cell in my hand and ready to click, click, click.

For the past few years I just thought of this as a fun little hobby, give or take. However, when I discovered for myself, that this is truly an art and a format to self-expression in a unique way... I jumped right in and I have decided to release some of life's journeys to share for your enjoyment. A product line is available for all pictures you like using multiple mediums from clothing to kitchenware to coffee mugs to custom prints, and so many other items you can choose for your favorite photos.



-Additional Services  for the "Special Treatment" are provided free of charge.

Many of you love to take pictures with your cell phone and have great images you take. Kinka T Celltography provides additional services for your images. That's right... you take the image, and Kinka T Celltography will provide both corrections and editing, colorization, texture, photo treatments, re-sizing,  etc... for print process to be quality from your picture(s).

Kinka T Celltography also provides "Pic Remix".

Per request, Kinka T Celltography offers digital compositions for your pictures. These creations are your images you choose from your own images you have taken. Once submitted for digital compositions to be created... 3-5 digital creations will be created for you. You are then informed when your creation is complete and ready then able to  choose any product you would like to print your image on.

(standard creation time will be 24-72hrs for design completion depending number of photo submissions design for 10 or less images, but can very depending on work detail to be implied and created on image)

(all images submitted have to be approved before option of this services will be provided.)

(digital compositions for your images will be created in several mediums for the outcome such as photo-realism, photo-surrealism, photo-super-realism, black & white, aged/vintage, but not limited to those genres specifically)

I appreciate your support and look forward to create with & for you!

Please provide feedback if you would like! I wish you a wonderful life & hope you enjoy!

Kinka T Celltography


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Animals & Pets, Architecture & Real Estate, Family, Lifestyle, Fine Art, Food & Decor

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