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Mary Cornelius Photography

Portland, Oregon

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Mary Cornelius Photography located near Portland,Oregon provides Animals & Pets photography services.

Is there a gene for that?
I am not sure how it works, being fascinated with horses since early childhood, before ever seeing one. I think that those of us with this affliction are just "born that way". I never could really explain why I love horses, just that I do and always have. My maternal grandfather and great grandfather were artists. I guess some of their genes got sprinkled into the mix as well.
My experiences with horses started decades ago. I was influenced by the movie The White Stallions of Vienna and as soon as I was able to purchase my own, things quickly moved along from there. I spent many years riding, studying, competing and teaching dressage. I bring the experiences of those years with me when I photograph horses. I can feel them move as if I was riding them when I photograph them. I look for moments of self expression from the horse and particularly seek to capture that moment when the horse in its bearing, is most proud.

My photographic services cover the range of horses in sport and competition, portraiture, fine art and photojournalism. On the technical side, conformation and movement are my specialty. I travel around the US and internationally whenever I can, to cover world class events or to experience life with horses in other cultures. In work, in the stable, at liberty, living in the wilds. Its all wonderful to me. I am available for editorial assignment, private sessions for portraiture and promotion and love to work on special projects.

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