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Hayd and Izzy Photography

Mckinney, Texas 75071

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Hayd and Izzy Photography located near Mckinney,Texas,75071 provides Children, Kids,Family, Lifestyle,Maternity,Newborn,Wedding photography services.

Who is Hayd and Izzy Photography?

Many people expect to hear that Hayd and Izzy is the name of the photographers, but that isn't quite the case. The name comes from my beautiful God children, Hayden and Isabella, and they inspire me everyday. They bring such joy to my life that I really look forward to having a family of my own one day.

I’m Kevin, the photographer for Hayd and Izzy Photography.  I became fascinated with photography in the 8th grade when I took my very first class. I made a camera out of an oatmeal can and turned it into a wizard with a beard and a giant pointy hat with stars and moons across it. His mouth was the “shutter” and I had to use a dark room to load a piece of film inside. My first photograph that I ever took was of a bench just outside of  my school.

I remember being completely amazed at how the “camera” worked. From there, my curiosity grew, and over time, I studied more and more about the photography world. Though I started with film, I was fortunate enough to use computers on a regular basis, including Photoshop, before I ever took digital photographs. For me, it was an easy and exciting transition to the digital world.

That was about fifteen years ago and I have been using a camera ever since. When I graduated high school my parents got me a beautiful camera, which I used in college for my photography courses there. My goal as a photographer is to take unique and interesting photographs. I started off by taking pictures of random objects, things that were always there, but I felt were often overlooked.

In 2010 I was asked by one of my best friends to do portrait photography for her company, Renae Rashael Photography. I learned a lot while working there. Using the unique perspectives I loved taking of random objects and combining that with people proved to be a challenge, but one I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, my friend became ill and decided to close down Renae Rashael Photography so that she could focus more on her family. After being involved with the company and loving what I was doing, I decided to start my own studio. Thus, Hayd and Izzy Designs was created.

Sessions start at $125 for 1 hour

Children, Kids, Family, Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborn, Wedding

Black & White, Candid, Environmental, Natural Light, Photojournalistic, Romantic


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PO Box 6290, Mckinney, 75071, TX

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Marlyn A.

August 14, 2015

We’ve worked with Kevin for several years now to capture some of our most important family memories…and have never been disappointed. Even with a very active toddler he has been able to get fantastic shots that I thought would be impossible. He’s a talented photographer and easy to work with. He has always managed to capture the essence of who are family is and we are so grateful. We have images that we will treasure for years to come.