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Ambrosia Event Services

LONG BEACH, California 90815

Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815 Ambrosia Event Services/LONG BEACH,CA,90815


Ambrosia Event Services located near LONG BEACH,California,90815
About Ambrosia Event Service: Wedding Services

Read this candid interview with a bride that contacted us regarding her wedding. Find out about us by the questions asked. You will discover as she did all about Ambrosia Event Services and who we are and you to can hire our services.

Bride: My name is Eileen and I was referred to you by a friend who used your services several years ago.

Ambrosia: First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to inquire about our services. Awesome Eileen! What's your friends name? We would love to give her a call and thank her personally. If you retain our services we give those who referred us a $50 gift card from Starbucks or a store of their choice!

Bride: Wow! That's very generous of your company to do that. But before I make any decisions I have to ask you a few questions. Just in case I forget, her name is Bonnie (last name omitted), her phone number is (phone number omitted). I do have a question about your company. How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become an event company?

Ambrosia: Thanks! I will make sure I give her a call and thank her for referring you. That's a great question Eileen and here's our story. We have always been a boutique style upscale company that originally began as a photography company several years ago. Seeking to expand our services we developed a program that brought several event vendors together called the Alliance of Wedding and Event Professionals or AWEP. The team of allied vendors resulted in beginning a property management for event venues across Southern California. This eventually led us to unify our alliance into a corporation we called Event Specialists, Inc in 1995. There were some challenges along the way primarily due to our rapid growth and success. We learned that rapid growth can be both rewarding and if not handled properly can even be harmful to a companies durability. Sadly, before we knew it the growth we were experiencing began our downfall. But the great outcome of this failure was the learning experience we received from the school of hard knocks! We launched Ambrosia with a greater awareness of what not to do which has resulted in our steady growth and mega success in the event services profession.

Bride: Everything sounds fantastic...and I love your services ! That's why I called. Bonnie was so enthusiastic about your work, services and your photography portfolio is stunning and amazing! How did you become a photographer? What sets you apart from all the other photographers?

Ambrosia Photographer: Thank you so much for the compliment. We have three amazing pros that I consider world class, but since I'm the one answering your question I'll tell you how I got started. I come from an artistic family, my mother was a photographer, my brother is a world famous glass artisan, and I fell in love with photography as an art form when I was about 10 years old. My grandfather who was Japanese and lived in Tokyo sent me my first camera a Fuji range finder. I was enamored with capturing photos, then taking the roll of black and white film into my garage late at night blacking out all the windows and cracks so no light will penetrate and expose my film. I would get my dad to buy me processing solution so I could develop my own film and print my own negatives. It was like magic seeing the exposed film come to life and then printing my own images. Several years later my passion turned into a career. My first photography job was when I lived in Europe and found work as an assistant to a prominent fashion photographer. He was a tough guy to work for and very demanding! My job was both a camera assistant, grunt, go get me (go-for) creative assistant and lab technician. As his lab technician I processed all of his film and printed all of the work that was to be published. This is where I gained a great education in the fine art of creative imagery and technical artistry. I became a master at my craft and soon I was also capturing images along side my boss. Eventually I wanted to be my own boss and I set out to launch my own career as a professional.
I believe what sets me and the rest of the photographers apart from other photographers here at Ambrosia is that we have a vast knowledge and understanding of true photography. We have worked with film which requires a photographer to use their talents as visionaries, envisioning the image before capture, and using their creative imagination. This has brought over 1,500 brides to select our services. One other positive attribute is we don't have to rely on the back of a camera to know if we have created the images we intended to create. To many people get into photography because of that window in the back of a camera.
We also have a huge inventory of equipment and back up equipment to insure that if any of our cameras, lights, or other tools failure to function at your event we can quickly grab any tool and get right back to work. We also carry liability insurance as required by many venues.

Bride: It all sounds so wonderful, but I have to admit it does sound expensive. Am I going to be able to afford your services?

Ambrosia: I admit we are not for everyone and I'm not only referring to our fees, but I'm also referring to those who can't seem to appreciate our work and services. For photography we provide many options and we strive to make things as flexible as we can.

For example if you only want one photographer to come out and photograph your event for 4 to 5 hours our fees range from $800 to $1,200 for that service and we will also add some digital negatives. We do prefer to have two photographers when we are photographing our events, however. If you are looking for a full package plan that includes a book and other items you can expect to invest anywhere from $1995 and up to $6500. Keep in mind that we run big savings deals often. For example we are currently offering a $6500 plan for $2895. How's that for a saving? Or you can bundle our services into one plan. For example if you wish to have our video and make-up and hair service, event planning and coordinating services, along with our photo service we can put a plan that includes all five services. The plan we design will save you hundreds of dollars. Would this be something you'd be interested in? With our video, hair and make-up services we also have some very attractive fees. By the way, I know you didn't ask this question but I thought you would appreciate knowing this. You will never lose control of your day! We respect your wedding day and we want your day to be yours. We will help you and bring our expertise to serve your needs and help you have a wedding that flows smoothly. This is particularly important if you choose to hire one of our event planners.

Bride: Well to be honest I contacted you for your photography services, but since I am shopping for these other vendors I would like to find out more. How do I go about finding more about your bundle planning and cost savings? Your photography plans are really affordable and that is an amazing deal you're offering. Now I know I can afford your photography. Do I make an appointment to come in and talk to you about your other services and the bundling?

Ambrosia: We can talk by phone about how we can help you save by bundling our services into one plan or you can set up an appointment and come in and speak to each service vendor and decide if they are a right fit for you. It's up to you either way but one thing is for sure, you will be thrilled on how much you'll save and the quality of these upscale Ambrosia vendors. We take all credit cards and we also help our clients by offering a payment plan if they so desire.

Bride: Okay let me think about that. I really like the fact that you accept credit cards and you offer a payment schedule! I'll probably call your office and set up an appointment to visit your vendors, but I have another question I hope you don's mind me asking you another one? Who do you work best with? Another words who do you feel will not benefit by working with your company?

Ambrosia: We work very hard to make our clients happy. We love our clients for one reason they truly appreciates our hard work and services. I believe everyone likes to be respected and appreciated fpr what they do. I'm so glad to say that most of our clients do, but whether they take us for granted we are always going to give everyone our very best. But to be honest we really love working with people who are considerate and appreciative. We also love to work for people who expect the attention to the details. They make us become even better stewards of our job. Most of our clients are professionals, you know like lawyers, doctors, etc. so they know quality and expect it.. People who recognize our capabilities and allow us to perform our duties are also ideal clientele to work for.
Those who who are fixated on price alone are probably better served seeking some other vendor. They are not our type of ideal clients because they have haven't any concept of what it takes to insure their event is a huge success, or how hard we work to make their event a positive experience.

Bride: I have to agree with you about being respected and appreciated. Ironically I'm a lawyer, so based on your description of the ideal client I fit the profile. How do I retain your services?

Ambrosia: That's pretty funny! But now that I know you're a lawyer I

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