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MSU Photography Services

East Lansing, Michigan 48824

MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824 MSU Photography Services/East Lansing,MI,48824


MSU Photography Services located near East Lansing,Michigan,48824
MSU Photography Prints Price List

MSU Images Gallery
MSU images created by photographers in Communications and Brand Strategy office are available from this gallery at no cost to MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members responsible for marketing and communications for university units. A coupon code* from Communications and Brand Strategy (CABS) is needed for free downloading.

Note: the coupon code for the Complimentary Gallery is COMP. It only works with images within that specific gallery.

To obtain your free files, use the same process as you would to buy a file or print:
1. Hover your mouse over the left side of the image to reveal the selection tools and select “Buy.”(The free image coupon code is only good for up to 10 images per order.)
2. Select “Downloads,” then “Full Resolution files” then “Add to Cart.”
3. Select “Checkout Now” and “Checkout Now” again.
4. If using this process for the first time, select “Register and Checkout.” Should you return later, you will need to enter only your login information.
5. Accept the license agreement and select “Continue Checkout” and then “Continue Checkout” again.
6. Enter the free image coupon code* from Communications and Brand Strategy into the “Have a coupon?” field and press “Apply.” There is no need to complete credit card or billing address information.
7. Place order.
8. Your order will be sent to CABS for verification and once authorized, a link to a zip file to download will be sent to your e-mail.

Gallery Guidelines:
1. *All University Communicators Network members will receive the free image coupon code from Communications and Brand Strategy, photography personnel by e-mail. If you have not received the code, e-mail contact@cabs.msu.edu and include your name, title, unit/college/department name, and e-mail address. The free image coupon code is for use only by MSU employees to obtain images for MSU communication materials. Please do not provide the code to any person(s), or entity outside of MSU.
2. The free images are high-resolution files and ordering multiple images may increase download time. This is based upon the net access speed at your location. Multiple images should not be downloaded via a dial-up connection.
3. Free images are provided as digital files only.
4. Use of images must be accompanied by a "Communications and Brand Strategy" courtesy credit in print publications and on-line services, and when possible with wall displays. Please credit the image(s) as follows: Photo(s) courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy.
5. Prints up to 11x14 inches may be purchased by selecting the “Buy” option of the selected photo. For larger prints, contact Communications and Brand Strategy, Photo and Video personnel.
6. Purchase prints separately from image downloads. Then use the tax-exempt code on your print orders instead of the free image coupon code. Contact CABS for the tax-exempt code.
7. Registering for a free account allows the user to access their order history, save the Shopping Cart and favorites folder, faster checkout in the future, and adds the registered email to a list for future specials and offers.

Custom Photography
Photographers in Communications and Brand Strategy specialize in producing images that reflect the needs of the broad base of communications professionals and educators at MSU. The award-winning staff uses the latest digital technologies and is available for location shooting, image consultation, and studio portraits at a reasonable cost.

For more information about all photo and video services provide by Communications and Brand Strategy, visit the Photography and Videography section of the Communications and Brand Strategy. Or call (517) 355-7505.

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Service Area

Olds Hall, 408 W. Circle Drive Rm. 311, East Lansing, 48824, MI