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MC Squared Photography

Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

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MC Squared Photography located near Salt Lake City,Utah,84116 provides Boudoir,Children, Kids,Family, Lifestyle,Portraits,Seniors photography services.

Hello there! If you are seeking more than just a quick photoshoot at the local park, I am your girl! I want you to get more than just photos out of our time together. I want you to have a photo adventure! Let's laugh, skip, and play around as we capture some fantastic photos of you and your loved ones!

What I do?

I seek out and capture the beauty, the joy, and the pain of my world in the most truthful way possible by
freezing moments in time through my camera. My goal is to expand my personal human
experience to include the entire spectrum of emotion and broaden my understanding of the
world around me while adding beauty to the culture of mankind.

There is beauty in every part of life. From birth to death we live through our eyes; gravitating to
whatever it is that we consider beautiful and true. My photography is a simple yet powerful gift
I will leave for the world once I’ve passed. It is my truth. It’s a legacy all on it’s own. Perhaps
someday, a photo I have made will bring hope into a desperate life or help a bitter heart to
allow love in once more.

How I do it?

How I do it? What a question… The simplest answer is not really the most honest one. Simply
put, I see a subject, I frame it in my viewfinder, and I release the shutter. But looking past the
mechanical aspect of what the camera does to take a photo, there is a deep inner process to
my work. I don’t just take photos. I make them. The camera, my soul, and the subject all come
together in one brief moment to create something worth remembering. Framing out everything
else, I isolate my subject from the entire universe. Even my worst photos hold a valuable and
irreplaceable piece of my soul in them. They show me and those who see them what I felt was
important enough to spend a moment of my life I will never get back to create them.
Photography is so much more to me than just an image. It is a story worth telling over and over

Why I do it?

When I was a little kid my mom always had a camera. She took so many photos of our family
and I remember thinking that it was strange. Why would she waste her time to get another
picture of us kids playing in the sprinklers or of my dad cooking or of my brothers playing ball.
Then when my dad died and the photos and our memories were all we would ever have of him,
I began to understand. Life is so amazing; and so short. In the blink of an eye it can change… or
end. My mom still has a photo she took of my dad in a frame 22 years after he died. So in
some small way, he is still there with her; everyday, giving her some tiny push to keep going.
Reminding her that she once had deep and unending love. And even though it was taken from
her, she smiles when she see’s the photo. That is my why. Photography can bring joy out of pain
like nearly nothing else in our world can. It is truly magic.

Sessions start at $90

Boudoir, Children, Kids, Family, Lifestyle, Portraits, Seniors

Candid, Natural Light, Retro, Romantic


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1630 Talisman Circle North, Salt Lake City, UT, United States